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Connect with the customers most interested in connecting with you. 

Targeted Lists




25-40 year olds

Children in the home

Income $65K per year

College degree




Annual Revenue $20M

100 or more employees

SIC code designation




15 mile radius

Specified neighborhoods

Specified zip codes

A successful direct mail campaign starts with a focus on your customer.

Many of today's media messages are disposable. You see them once, and they're gone. An eye-catching design and customized message will land on the fridge – the family billboard!


A personalized mailing using your customers name speaks to them as an individual.  With our variable data printing technology, your customer develops an immediate connection with you and is 74% more likely to respond.

Data Modeling

The best path to new customers is gaining a deeper understanding of your existing ones by knowing why they engage with your company.

Data modeling can provide valuable insights about top customers to reveal details such as demographic look-a-likes and can provide information on predictive behavior profiles.
Analyzing customer data unlocks valuable insights.
Here's How:

  • Descriptive Profiles: Discover what demographic attributes are different between current customers and your target customer.

  • Predictive Models: Compare and contrast two or more groups of customers in order to predict specific behaviors such as purchasing, responding, or donating.

  • Segmentation: Decide how to communicate with each segment and develop customized messaging.

Transactional data is not enough, let’s go beyond that to get the whole picture.

We can help you reach your target customers.


List development
Targeted Lists
Saturation Lists
New Movers
Business Lists

Data Modeling
Descriptive Profiles
Predictive Models
Segmentation Reports

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