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We have unique ways for local companies to reach local customers.
These are just a few of the programs we offer...

Greenville New Mover


Did you know that approximately one out of every six families moves each year.


Buying a home is one of the most expensive purchases most people make in their lifetime. In fact a recent Zillow Mover study stated 21 percent of movers spend $10,000 or more on products and services as a result of their move.


Our New Mover program is designed to initiate a loyal business-to-customer relationship. Each month greet newly relocated customers with a personalized message from your business and a special invitation or offer to encourage their visit.

Tradeshow Marketing


A successful show begins long before your customer hits your booth.


Pre- and post- trade show marketing is crucial. Develop data-driven promotions to ensure a positive ROI for your next event.


We can support your business with:

  • Lead Generation/Nurturing Campaigns

  • Promotional Items

  • Banners/Posters/Flyers

  • Video

Fundraising Appeals


You want to make the world a better place…we want to help you with that.


We can work with your organization to develop the message and create the call to action for your appeals campaign.
Trying to attract new donors? Data modeling allows us to take your current donor base, analyze it to look for similar characteristics and develop a targeted list for donor acquisition mailings.


We can support your organization with:

  • Donor acquisition mailings

  • Personalized thank-you letters

  • Donor renewal mailings

  • Variable ask amounts

  • Postage minimization

  • Data Modeling

Birthday Recognition


Reach out to new customers in a very personal way by wishing them a Happy Birthday.


Each month we will send out your birthday greeting complete with an offer from your business. This is a very effective way to develop brand loyalty and keep your customers coming back.


Interested in a promoting your business through one of our programs?
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